Dermal Fillers

As we age the qualities we associate with youthful skin start to deteriorate, upper and lower cheeks become sunken, wrinkles appear and the face’s oval shape is lost, affecting its overall harmony. A solution to such problems are injections of hyaluronic acid, commonly referred to as dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are gels made up of re-sorbable, non animal origin, hyaluronic acid. This is a product that is already present in your body. Dermal fillers are non surgical beauty lifts. They are used to smooth wrinkles and correct medium depth skin creases, such as the nasio labial folds (nose to mouth creases) forehead and frown lines. They can also be used to enhance lips giving a soft volume or more defined lip border, the effect is to produce a more youthful less tired appearance.

Consider dermal fillers in conjunction with Botox to enhance the effect of both treatments.


Types of Dermal Filler

There are a number of Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers on the market. I currently use products from the following ranges: Juvèderm, Aliaxin, Restylane, Teosyal and Perfecta.

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Dermal Filler Prices


from £300


from £250


from £250


from £250

Perfectafrom £250
*Dermal fillers on average £300 to £350 per syringe multiple syringes packages price is £250 

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