Thread vein treatment on the face is performed using electrolysis.

Treatment Type




Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Pain Level



5 Days +

How Do Treatments Work? ⮕

Advanced Electrolysis is a tried and tested method for the treatment of thread veins. It removes thread veins with an electrical current. A very small hot sterile needle is placed on the skin over the thread vein, and the current heats up the broken veins and causes them to cauterise (similar to IPL).

Thread veins, or “spider veins” are very fine but prominent veins that sit just below the surface of the skin. One common misconception with thread veins is that they are broken capillaries. When in actual fact, they are permanently dilated capillaries. At just 1 cell thick, facial capillaries are extremely thin. As we age they lose their elasticity and ability to constrict. The result of this is a permanent state of dilation, making them visible through the skin.

Why do we get thread veins? ⮕

How to get rid of facial thread veins? ⮕

Although thread veins are not dangerous, many people don’t like the site of them and often associate them with ageing.

Electrolysis is the perfect treatment for thread vein removal.

When treating thread veins with Electrolysis, we spread it over a course. The reason for this is to avoid causing damage to the skin and leaving you with hyper-pigmentation. We use the tiniest needle available, we then position this on the vein.

Finally, a current is applied to the surface of the skin. We can treat several veins during one session, however, we do need to ensure that we don’t spend too long treating a single area. Your treatment will be conducted in the safest possible way, with exceptional results after the recovery period.

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