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Smoother and brighter-looking skin

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Reveal radiant and luminous skin

Alumier MD's name is taken from the word 'Illuminate' (to make clear or bright).

The reasons i have decided to offer Alumier MD are as follows: 

  • Their products have been reformulated allowing them to deliver a cleaner product free of harmful additives such as sulphates and parabens (a huge positive!)
  • They offer a comprehensive range of targeted skin solutions, which cannot be purchased on-lne without an Alumier professional supplying a link and recommending the correct skin care for each individual's needs

Alumier MD write the following about their products:

We create products backed by science - luxurious formulations that work to reveal radiant and luminous skin. Alumier MD has optimized the bioavailability of each module in our ingredients, using advanced propietary chemistry. Our prescription-strengh formulations deliver exceptional results with healthy, youthful skin, reflecting light like a diamond. Our experts have designed multi-faceted skin care products that target the underlying pysiology relating to each skin type, condition and individual.

If you would like to contact us we will send you a link to our Alumier MD on-line shop

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